How We Can Help You

  • We will translate the conceptual practice of the eDiscovery process, step by step, and show you how mastering these phases will improve your business model.

  • We will introduce scalable technology features to improve efficiency during each stage of the eDiscovery process.

  • We will create practical processes and workflows to ensure a team approach and a supportive environment during the shift.

  • We will empower you with eCompetence™ in all phases of eDiscovery no matter where you’re starting point is, and keep you on top of technological trends in litigation.

What Drives Us

  • A dedication to hard working professionals to find simpler and more efficient ways to work through the lifecycle of a case while ultimately satisfying your clients.

  • A sincere passion for technology and the gratification of witnessing its magic in action!

  • The belief that leveraging the resources available to you will lead you (and your clients) to a true return on investment and reduction of litigation costs.

  • Confidence that attaining eCompetence™ yields collaboration and contribution from every colleague and not just a select few.

Who’s At The Helm


A 25-year veteran in the trenches of the legal world.

A pioneer of eLearning through her own litigation support business.

Author of  Litigation Support Books, Processes and Workflows.

The head of a Legal Solutions Training Division.

A Certified eDiscovery Specialist.

An Arkfeld eDiscovery Advanced Specialist.

A passionate teacher.

A Certified Professional Life Coach.

A believer that with inspiration and a little guidance, change is possible.

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Our Core Values