Do any of these sound familiar?

  • We don’t have a litigation support department and just don’t know where to start.

  • The attorneys are reluctant to change.

  • It’s difficult for our IT Department and Legal Department to communicate since we have such different roles and responsibilities.

Our clients benefit from coaching because our focus is on collaboration, specifically for the legal audience.  Often whether you are promoting change from the top down or the bottom up, you are a leader, an advocate of change and are dealing with difficult issues.  We have walked in your shoes and understand the challenges of working within the demands of litigation in concert with the added layer of ever evolving technology.  The industry has advanced and demands a cohesive relationship between IT, Legal and the Support Staff.  However, until you are ready to grow, we cannot help you.  In our experience, once you are ready, collaboration is the infrastructure to foster teamwork, strength and unity.

In addition to the three questions at the top of this page, if you identify with any of the statements below, chances are good that you would benefit from KoWorks coaching:

● The culture within our organization is a hierarchy: attorneys make the calls on how we handle matters but are not competent in these areas resulting in costly decisions

● We don’t have the time within our organization for changeKoWorks business coaching

● It’s not billable

● That’s the way we’ve always done it 

● eDiscovery falls under the Legal Budget, but the Attorneys try to default to IT

● We have Litigation Support department but have not provided a path for the support staff or attorneys to attain the same competence

● I was given the task of implementing new technology in the beginning but I am still alone; no one else has taken the necessary steps to learn and they continue to rely on me

● We have great strategy but struggle turning it into action

● Team members are challenged to constructively discuss what they need from each other

● We all have good intentions but don’t know where to begin

● We struggle to establish accountability

● Team members are looking for good leadership and an advocate for change

● We want to learn more about eDiscovery and technology but don’t have the support from our employer 

Developing deeper relationships by understanding each other’s workflows and experiences both professionally and personally, sustains relationships.  When team mates across the lines identify ways that they are alike, it brings a sense of community.  If they only know each other superficially, consider getting to know one another at another level.  Disparate backgrounds create cross fertilization and spark insight and innovation.

For some within your organization, this ‘hybrid’ role between IT and legal comes naturally; for others, not as much.  Collaborative thinking yields a more effective team, and you will get the results you want.  Technology will continue to evolve, so must your education.  We are all being challenged to grow in a field in which you may already be an expert.  But it is important to continue to stretch yourself in order to stay competitive, competent and compliant.  Only you can decide how much you’re willing to grow. We can coach you through it – to success.  

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