Stretching and Growing

You’ve heard the sayings “change is good” and “change leads to growth,” but when it comes down to actually making the change, it’s not easy to take that first step. I have worked as an instructor and as a manager of a team of instructors for many years. I’ve been responsible for developing associated workflows, material and documented processes to … Read More

Let’s “Play Ball”

I can recall the first time I was involved in a case where the discovery was delivered on a piece of electronic storage.  Immediately, I went straight over to our IT department.  They were just as surprised and we realized that as eDiscovery began to enter our workflows that we would probably be getting to know each other more.  I … Read More

Diamonds “XLS” are a Girl’s Best Friend


Diamonds “XLS” are A Girl’s Best Friend Even if you lack organizational skills, you would probably agree there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned spreadsheet to keep things straight.  My Excel skills are limited, but I still get excited about those columns and rows, a formula here and there, and let’s not forget about the hyperlinks.   I’ll wear my heart … Read More

eCompetence™ Equals Confidence

I’m guessing that when you entered into the legal industry, you wanted no part of anything remotely related to “IT”.  Well, join the club.  What’s funny about that, is that incorporating technology into the workflow, exploring electronically stored information and the ongoing effort to remain competent in this space is exactly why the next generation is entering into this industry. … Read More