Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

We all have good intentions; I really believe that. Some of us put more pressure on ourselves than others but we all have good intentions. Some people don’t even bother with a New Year’s Resolution so they don’t set themselves up for failure and then there are those that make a resolution and go after it. I have a list … Read More

Bottoms Up

Believe it or not, I remember working in a law firm when the internet was introduced.  We didn’t have an internet connection at every desk, only one station in the law library.  I remember feeling very special that I could be away from my desk and that I had a need to even be using it.  Then of course as … Read More

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

I regret that I don’t have any artistic talent like acting, singing, or even playing an instrument.  But I DO believe it’s not too late! I still have aspirations of learning how to play the piano even if it’s just my dog sitting next to me singing along to a bad tune.  I have the benefit of living in Atlanta, … Read More

An Ineffective Oral Argument

So here we are, ten years after the first amendments to the rules related to eDiscovery within the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.  Additional amendments are still being made and yet, I still haven’t heard a valid oral argument for why many litigation teams haven’t taken the necessary steps to maintain their competence with regard to eDiscovery or attempted to … Read More

One of a Kind

‘Finding Your Gifts’ and ‘Identifying Your Values’ are just two of many assessments available to assist us in better understanding our individual makeup and determining how we work best with one another. Discovering how we’re wired and what we bring to the table to cohesively fit into a group or team can be very powerful. The complexities of working with … Read More