The combined experience in education and using technology at KoWorks has revealed that people are no longer engaged in lecture style teaching. KoWorks is in the middle by offering hybrid courses: a combination of the traditional classroom environment and a student learning online. There is power in blended learning. By using face to face education, online technology, and activities we not only transform but improve the learning process. Hybrid classrooms on the Internet can reach and engage students in a truly customizable way.  The following formula allows us to meet different learning styles and budgetary needs:


Differential and individualized instruction can be effective but not without the use of technology and leveraging digital content. It provides skills and practice while the instructor focuses on depth and application. We offer the following delivery methods:

Face to Face:

Koworks’ Classroom delivery allows instructors to present material in a traditional classroom setting. Students are able to receive instruction and discuss relevant scenarios while interacting face-to- face with the instructor and colleagues. Team building and other group activities are also effective when face to face which foster a collaborative environment.

Virtual Classroom:

KoWorks’ Webinar Based delivery was specifically designed to mimic the traditional classroom learning environment as closely as possible. This environment is fully interactive, meaning students interact with their instructor and other students by logging into a live classroom. This delivery method omits travel expenses as classroom attendance can be accomplished from the office or home of the student. This learning environment can also span across satellite offices.

Digital Content:

Recorded training videos prepared by KoWorks subject matter experts are delivered through a Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS offers a familiar approach similar to how most people learn these days. This is a pull down approach to grab a little knowledge and then move on; it is a method we have all become accustomed to and also meets the needs of varied skills. This individualized instruction allows each student to determine when they need to focus further on the subject matter of the course material or when they are ready to move on.