Meet your all-in-one review tool.

To alleviate the pain of struggling with legacy review systems, Eclipse SE has been purpose-built with the most cutting-edge features found in an in-house review platform, allowing law firms of any size to perform native file ingestion, document review, and full production effortlessly, offering a true all-in-one litigation platform.

Key Features:

• Native file, image, and transcript ingestion allows you to begin reviewing large document collections quickly and efficiently

• Unitize large, multi-document PDF files faster and easier than ever by applying multiple document breaks in just one pass

• Batch management allows you to create and assign batches to reviewers based on criteria set by you

• Custom coding forms let you define reviewers’ tagging palette

• Built-in dashboard analytics give you real-time data on the status of your review

• Persistent highlighting allows users to quickly locate key terms for the case

• Document and page level tagging allow you to organize and propagate tags to family members

• Fully integrated transcript management tool includes keyword hit highlighting, blended searches, issue coding, and an interactive word index

• Robust security allows you to customize privileges for groups and users

• Detailed document audit history ensures defensible transparency

• Hundreds of export options including page level tagging for inclusion/exclusion in production

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