One of a Kind

‘Finding Your Gifts’ and ‘Identifying Your Values’ are just two of many assessments available to assist us in better understanding our individual makeup and determining how we work best with one another. Discovering how we’re wired and what we bring to the table to cohesively fit into a group or team can be very powerful. The complexities of working with electronic discovery and the related technology require that the key players within a legal organization work together unlike ever before. Discerning gifts and values among your team can be exciting, enlightening and provide a path for growth as a group.

‘Finding Your Gifts’ is one of my favorites. It is an assessment that determines what makes you the happiest and what values you’re using in those moments. In an effort to show you how this can work for you, I’d like to share what my assessment revealed: “Leadership”, “Faith”, “Encouragement” and “Administration”.

Leadership’ allows me to motivate people and thereby encourages them to leave their old ways and move forward with commitment and determination.

Faith’ allows me to naturally stimulate a clear vision of what is possible.

Encouragement’ allows me to prepare clients for the changes to come and assure them that it is possible to attain by using their strengths.

Administration’ (and Leadership) allows me to develop an infrastructure and provide a path for developing a plan and taking action.

I use these skills only with the understanding that as much as these are my gifts, it is a delicate balance that must be reached through teamwork and collaboration. I have learned that the best things about me, if misused, can become the worst things about me.

‘Identifying Your Values’ was another one of my favorite assessments. This assessment allowed me to bring my vision into focus. Recognizing my personal values and then reflecting on why they are so important to me explained my passion at the core. It confirmed my desire to continue serving the legal industry which has served me and my family well for many years.

Within any legal organization, big or small, there are a variety of gifts and values each team member possesses. Each of you is “one of a kind”. Some of these values may already be in alignment with your organization’s mission, but if not, recognizing these traits can often assist you with defining your mission. Regardless, when you take the initiative to identify the gifts and values of your colleagues, you’re given the tools to strategically craft the perfect body, working as one, which results in enthusiasm, confidence, motivation, and collaboration.
Aside from the professional experiences that attorneys, support staff and IT bring to the table, core values usually stem from experiences. Discovering these values allows you to celebrate the core of your motivation and also may assist you with resolving conflicts. You know your colleagues better than anyone. You can probably look across the room and predict how that person would handle a particular situation based on the patterns they have exhibited in the past. Likewise, you also know what they are really good at. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. We want to leverage our knowledge of how each person shines. Use this awareness to find the perfect spot for them on your team.
This evolving journey within the legal industry requires that we combine roles, blend discovery with IT, and security with legal. There are many challenges relevant to personalities, budgets, and workflows. Make an effort to dig deeper into the one of a kind gifts given to each of you and leverage them to build the perfect team.