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Melissa Tessaro

Michelle is a very skilled and engaging speaker/instructor. She understood how to present the material in such a way that the students who were mostly new were able to understand. She was also able to interpret student questions in a way that became meaningful to the entire class. Providing books was a stroke of genius. I need a book in order to learn new software. Online help is only useful when one has some concept of how the program has named functions. Beginners are often left to wander blindly because of lack of understanding of program terminology.

Hall Booth Smith Slover

It was a lot of information taught in a concise clear manner and I really enjoyed learning all the bells and whistles of what the program will allow us to do. Ms. Kovitch is a top-notch instructor and she presented the information so that no matter what your previous knowledge . . . you walked away with a good bit of knowledge.

Gayle Abs
Michelle is a pleasure to work with. Her client’s needs are her number one priority and she consistently goes the extra mile to accommodate those needs. She pays attention to the little details that make all the difference for a successful outcome.

Debbie Wells

Few people have the opportunity to work with a partner or manager who is both a coach and a mentor. I have had the privilege of working with Michelle Kovitch under many umbrellas and in various capacities for more than 15 years. Regardless of the relationship or role, Michelle brings out the best in people and situations. She recognizes the uniqueness of each person’s talents and skills and uses that understanding to share information and educate those around her, often surprising even the most distracted or cynical student.

I strongly recommend Michelle as a resource to inform and educate on the complex topics of eDiscovery, eCompetence, and the legal process in general.

Watson, Roach, Batson, Rowell & Lauderback

I feel like I learned a lot. A lot of information was covered in a concise manner. If someone had trouble keeping up, that person was given the instructor’s attention which helped them understand and get back on track.

Dana Holsomback

I really enjoyed Michelle’s energy throughout the training. Her knowledge of the product is excellent and she did a great job of answering our questions and presenting the material in an easy to understand format.

Modrall Sperling

Michelle was easy to follow, but if you did get lost, her team was right there to get you in the right place.

I enjoyed the fact that the instructor wanted to show us ways we could do our jobs better.


Absolutely enjoyed it [the training] and found it helpful.

Sherrard & Roe

[The best part of the training was] That we could ask questions whenever we needed to.

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Jim Dwyer

Instructor is awesome. Michelle is very patient with her students.

Persephone Godwin

Michelle was a great instructor and knew her way around working with attorneys. I liked how she could relate how “she used to do it” when she worked as a paralegal.

Barbara Ragan

I had given Michelle background info on all of the attendees and she was very helpful in getting participation from everyone in the class and getting the attorneys excited.

Vivian Price

The best part [of the training] was learning the processes to make my work product easier to access.

The greatest compliment we can receive is a referral.Anonymous

Katie King

Michelle was incredibly patient and encouraging. I was doubtful that I would learn anything new. I was wrong. The training fit my needs .

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Kathy Mayle

Michelle’s experience and knowledge in the litigation field was essential to her excellent training in how to be efficient. The class flowed and we were able to learn every facet that we needed in order to help our clients and other end users with this customized class.

Tim Thames
I have known Michelle for over 10 years and she continues to be on the top of my list when I have a question regarding litigation support. Her complete dedication as a knowledge leader in the industry combining practical legal perspectives with technology is unique. Over the years I have participated in live training sessions, webinars and the last minute call to get her advice and she is always spot on with her advice.

Federal Public Defender – Las Vegas

The most enjoyable aspect of this course was the trainers’ depth of knowledge of their subject and their excellent training skills. In addition, since Michelle knows from experience how a trial paralegal works, she was able to show us those functions most useful to our practice.

Jennette Schmeltz

Michelle was very knowledgeable and answered all questions. It was very easy to follow her. I never got bored. She was great.

Linda Klausing

Michelle is very knowledgeable and helpful. Her real world examples added so much more to the course.

“The possession of the skill of overcoming resistance to change is what separates the mass of individuals with good ideas from the few leaders who are able to implement them. “James O’Toole

Parker Hudson Rainer Dobbs

The instructor’s teaching style. She clarifies everything and helps you to grasps concepts.

Gary Taylor

She had a grasp of the fundamentals which we wanted to get across and she also had other instructors in the room to ensure that each participant learned them.

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Elisabeth Stanton

It [the training] introduced new ideas and offered answers to questions.

Joe Hanshe

The instructor is an excellent teacher. The course material is difficult, but Michelle exceeded my expectation.

Tammy Rice

Michelle was a great instructor and knew her way around working with attorneys. I liked how she could relate how “she used to do it” when she worked as a paralegal.

Yvonne Cantrell

The instructor was very knowledgeable and made the class interesting – kept everyone involved.

Wendy R. Byars
Michelle has been my mentor and go-to advisor for over 12 years. Her knowledge and experience in the industry have made her an invaluable resource to me and my firm. As a teacher, she has a natural ability to explain sometimes difficult topics in a creative and unique manner. I especially appreciate the “real world” applications she provides when conducting classroom or even over the phone instruction. I consider Michelle to be an integral part of my team!

Cari Bonty

I really enjoyed the instructor. Michelle was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with questions and has a great personality. I thought the instruction provided was very beneficial and will be a huge help to me utilizing Summation.

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Dennis Cheng

Michelle was an enthusiastic and capable instructor.

Tim Piganelli

Michelle Kovitch is arguably one of the most versatile and knowledgeable litigation support consultants in the country. I have had the pleasure of working with and for Ms. Kovitch for nearly 20 years. During that time she constantly strives for excellence and quality towards her clients. With a litany of experience in the work force, with software applications, best practice and work flows, Ms. Kovitch exemplifies the definition of an expert in her field. Easy to understand and an effective communicator make her a clear choice as your consultant.

” Fun interaction between the instructor and the students.”


The “classroom” interaction, participation, and instructor assistance as needed.

Tricia Hartzell

Instructor made it very enjoyable, easy to follow, interesting, and understood our needs in litigation intuitively.