Technical Competence ‘mini’ Litmus Test (Part III)

This is the final piece in the Technical Competence ‘mini’ litmus test.  Prior to this, we focused on general questions related to technical competence and then in Part II we addressed questions related to Information Governance, Identification, Preservation and Collection.  Hopefully you have your notes from Part I and Part II as they will serve you well in identifying the … Read More

Technical Competence ‘mini’ Litmus Test (Part II)

In Part I of the Technical Competence ‘mini’ Litmus Test, we focused on general questions you could ask to gauge your firm’s current technical competence, (“eCompetence”).  Hopefully you have your notes from the draft custom syllabus that was formed by answering the questions in Part I.  If you have not read Part I, I would encourage you to do so … Read More

Technical Competence Litmus Test Part I

I have worked for attorneys for many years.  I know how hard the job is. I know how intelligent they are and I know the pride that comes with introducing yourself as a litigator.  But all that aside, no one likes to do anything that they aren’t good at.  Many attorneys and their staff have already established a solid reputation … Read More

No Spin Zone

Most of us know that several states (at least 25) and even some local bars have adopted the ethical duty rule that requires lawyers to stay “technically competent” as part of the ethical obligations of their license to practice law.  The official language reads as follows: ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, Comment 8 to Model Rule 1.1: Maintaining Competence … Read More

Game Changer

I’ve often wondered where I would be in my career if I hadn’t worked for an attorney who embraced technology.  Just being open to the idea of an automated process and advocating the concept of saving money throughout the life of a case was astounding and enlightening since, at that time, there were still attorneys in our practice who were … Read More