Technical Competence ‘mini’ Litmus Test (Part III)

This is the final piece in the Technical Competence ‘mini’ litmus test.  Prior to this, we focused on general questions related to technical competence and then in Part II we addressed questions related to Information Governance, Identification, Preservation and Collection.  Hopefully you have your notes from Part I and Part II as they will serve you well in identifying the … Read More

Technical Competence ‘mini’ Litmus Test (Part II)

In Part I of the Technical Competence ‘mini’ Litmus Test, we focused on general questions you could ask to gauge your firm’s current technical competence, (“eCompetence”).  Hopefully you have your notes from the draft custom syllabus that was formed by answering the questions in Part I.  If you have not read Part I, I would encourage you to do so … Read More

Technical Competence Litmus Test Part I

I have worked for attorneys for many years.  I know how hard the job is. I know how intelligent they are and I know the pride that comes with introducing yourself as a litigator.  But all that aside, no one likes to do anything that they aren’t good at.  Many attorneys and their staff have already established a solid reputation … Read More


Stretching and Growing

You’ve heard the sayings “change is good” and “change leads to growth,” but when it comes down to actually making the change, it’s not easy to take that first step. I have worked as an instructor and as a manager of a team of instructors for many years. I’ve been responsible for developing associated workflows, material and documented processes to … Read More

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

I regret that I don’t have any artistic talent like acting, singing, or even playing an instrument.  But I DO believe it’s not too late! I still have aspirations of learning how to play the piano even if it’s just my dog sitting next to me singing along to a bad tune.  I have the benefit of living in Atlanta, … Read More

An Ineffective Oral Argument

So here we are, ten years after the first amendments to the rules related to eDiscovery within the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.  Additional amendments are still being made and yet, I still haven’t heard a valid oral argument for why many litigation teams haven’t taken the necessary steps to maintain their competence with regard to eDiscovery or attempted to … Read More